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The following Rules and Regulations are in addition to any restrictions set forth in the Declaration of Condominium of The Village at Mayfaire, LLC (the Declaration). In the event of any conflict, provisions of the Declaration shall control. All Rules and Regulations set forth herein apply to all Unit Owners and their family members, invitees, guests, tenants and employees. They do not apply to the Association as a body.


All complaints regarding violations should be submitted in writing to:, or The Village at Mayfaire, c/o Community Association Management Specialists (CAMS), 1630 Military Cutoff Road, Suite 108, Wilmington, NC 28403. Although a written complaint is always required, telephone contact is available Monday through Friday, between the hours of 8:00 AM and 4:30 PM at CAMS Client Services (256-2021) or with the Facilities Manager (228-8308). If immediate help is needed or the presence of danger felt, dial 911 or the non-emergency police line (452-6120).



    • Common Elements refer to all portions of the condominium other than the units themselves. Limited Common Elements refer to those portions of the Common Elements for the exclusive use and benefit of one or more of the Units. For example, the pool area is an example of a Common Element, while a terrace or individual garage assigned to a particular Unit is an example of a Limited Common Element.


    • No Obstruction of Ways. Common sidewalks, driveways, entrances and passageways shall not be obstructed or used for any purpose other than access to and from units.


    • Personal Property. No items of personal property of any type shall be placed on or in any of the general Common Elements. Personal items donated for common use must be cleared by the HOA Manager/Board.


    • Exterior Alterations.


      • No wiring, machines or other items of equipment shall be placed on the exterior of any unit or in or to any Common Element or Limited Common Element.
      • No alterations, repairs or improvements of any type shall be made to the exterior of any unit or in any of the Common Elements or Limited Common Elements without written permission from the Board of Directors. Please submit a written request to the Architecture & Construction Committee.


    • Interior Alterations by Unit Owners. Non-carpeted floor coverings (i.e., hardwood, tile, etc.) may not be installed in the interior of any Unit without the prior written approval of the Board of Directors. Upon receipt of written approval from the Board of Directors, such alterations shall be immediately subject to the restrictions set forth in rule titled Non-Carpeted Floor Covering Restrictions. Please submit a written request to the Architecture & Construction Committee.


    • Terraces, Patios, Common Elements


      • No Hanging Towels. No towels, rugs, or similar articles shall be hung or dusted from the windows, terraces, balconies or patios, Common Elements or Limited Common Elements.


      • Clothes Lines. No clotheslines or clothes drying apparatus shall be permitted in or on any terraces, balconies, patios, Common Element or Limited Common Element.


    • Cooking and Cooking Devices. The use and storage of gas and charcoal grills and cooking devices are not permitted on the terraces, patios, walkways, balconies, parking areas, other general Common Elements or Limited Common Elements.
      • Exception: that cooking associated with social functions and events sponsored and approved by the Association may take place in Common Elements that are specifically designated for such use as part of the approval of the social function or event.
      • Exception: Electric items.


    • Storage of Hazardous Materials. No materials shall be stored in or on any Unit, Common Element or Limited Common Element in violation of any city, county, state, or local ordinance relating to fire or building codes or to toxic, hazardous, flammable or dangerous chemicals. Gasoline, in a container that is integral to a gas powered vehicle, such as a moped, may be stored in a proper safety-approved container in a garage only. Portable gasoline tanks or containers may not be stored in Units, Common Elements, or Limited Common Elements other than garages.


    • Damage. Any damage to the Common Elements or to common personal property by a Unit Owner or his guests shall be repaired at the expense of the Unit Owner responsible for the damage. If the Association elects to repair the damage, it shall bill the responsible Unit Owner for the cost of the repairs. The Association shall have the right to place a lien for the repair cost against the unit owned by the responsible Unit Owner if the bill has not been paid within thirty (30) days of presentment.


    • Non-Carpeted Floor Covering Restrictions. Owners who have selected non-carpeted floor coverings (i.e., hardwood, tile, etc.) in Units with rooms listed below shall provide minimum 1/8 thick area rugs and 1/4" thick padding underneath such area rugs (note: an excellent material to absorb sound is the memory foam pad contact the HOA Management Company for information).


      • All area rugs must be installed to cover a minimum of 75% of the floor in the rooms listed below. Such rugs and padding must be installed within thirty (30) days of Owners closing dates and remain in such rooms at all times without exception. A representative of the HOA Management Company reserves the right to visually inspect each Unit for compliance with this rule at any time. The HOA Management Company also reserves the right to assess fines as needed to enforce this rule.


Unit Type





Foyer, Hallway and Bedrooms (including walk-in closets)



Foyer, Hallway, Living Room, Dining Room, Den/Study and Bedrooms (including walk-in closets)


2nd & 3rd

Foyer, Hallway, Living Room, Dining Room, Den/Study and Bedrooms (including walk-in closets)



Foyer, Hallways and Bedrooms (including walk-in closets)



Foyer, Hallway, Living Room, Dining Room and Bedrooms (including walk-in closets)



Hallway, Den/Media and Bedrooms (including walk-in closets)


  1. Vehicles


    • Vehicles.
      • No boat, camper, trailer, motor or mobile home, jet skies or similar type vehicles will be permitted on the premises (other than in the garage, which garage must be closed such that the recreational vehicle cannot be seen from the exterior of the garage).


      • No commercial vehicles, limousines, vehicles for hire, wreckers, vehicles with ladder racks or ladders on them, and oversized vehicles will be permitted to park in The Village at Mayfaire other than temporarily for services provided to residents, such as plumbing and cleaning. Vehicles that do not fit within the boundaries of the Units assigned parking pad (e.g., large SUVs) inside the courtyard must be parked outside the courtyard in one of the public parking spaces. There is to be no double parking of vehicles in a Units assigned spot. The Association shall have the right to tow any vehicle in violation of this rule at its owners expense.


    • Speed Limit. Drive cautiously throughout the community and obey the posted speed limit signs of 15 mph.


    • Bicycles. Except when in use, no bicycles shall be kept on the premises other than in a unit, and or a fully enclosed garage. Bicycles may not be ridden or parked on sidewalks or any Common Elements other than areas designated specifically for motor vehicles.


    • Skateboards and Scooters. No skateboarding or use of scooters or similar vehicles shall be permitted on the property.


    • Repair of Vehicles. Performing any type of vehicle repair or maintenance on the property is strictly prohibited.


  1. Parking


Each Owner of a Unit has an exclusive easement to use one (1) garage located on the first level of the Building in which such Unit is located, and one (1) designated parking space immediately behind the garage assigned to such Owners Unit, with the exception of the two-story units which have 2 garages and 2 designated spaces. If there is no parking space behind the garage assigned to such Owners Unit, another space adjacent to the first level of the Building in which such Unit is located is assigned instead.


At no time should vehicles be double parked, parked where signs specifically prohibit parking, parked in the emergency access areas, parked on the grey cobblestones, nor on any grassed or landscaped areas. Please refer to the parking plan in accordance to your building for additional information.


    • Parking Decals and Guest Passes. Vehicles owned by Residents and their guests must display appropriate decals and guest passes as required by the Home Owners Association. Unit owners will be provided with 2 owner decals for their personal vehicles and 6 visitor parking tags. Tags must be displayed at all times.


    • Assigned Parking Spaces. Vehicles parked in a Unit Owners designated parking space without permission are subject to removal. The Association and/or Property Manager will arrange vehicle towing in accordance with the North Carolina General Statutes. Vehicles will be towed at the vehicle owners expense.


    • Visitor Parking. Additional parking is available throughout the community for visitors. Please familiarize yourself with those designated areas as they are mandatory for all owners, residents and their visitors/guests alike. Visitors must display appropriate decals and guest passes as required by the Home Owners Association. Tags must be displayed at all times.


    • Towing. Towing is enforced throughout the Community, at owners expense. Please familiarize yourself with those Rules and Regulations that could result in towing (e.g., in parking spaces assigned to another unit owner). Please note that The Village at Mayfaire is authorized to tow those vehicles with expired registration sticker and/or license tag, or without appropriate parking decals and/or guest passes.


  1. Nuisances


    • Disturbances. No illegal or unlawful activity shall be conducted within any Unit. No obnoxious, offensive, illegal or unlawful activity shall be conducted on or about the Common Elements, nor shall anything be done thereon or therein which may be or which may become an annoyance or nuisance to the other Unit Owners, or endanger the health and safety of any Unit Owner. Nothing shall be done or kept in any Unit or in the Common Elements that will result in the termination of, or an increase in the premium for, the policy of property insurance for the Property. Unit Owners shall observe quiet hours between 10:00PM and 10:00AM, and are asked to refrain from making or permitting any disturbing noises by members of their families, guests, or tenants. The loud playing of stereos, televisions or musical instruments is discouraged, together with any noisy or boisterous conduct which would disturb the peace and quiet enjoyment of other Unit Owners.


  1. Garbage


    • Garbage/Trash. All garbage shall be kept in provided container(s) and stored in garages. On the night before trash collection days, the provided container should be placed in front of the individual units garage. On the same day as trash collection, the provided container(s) must be brought in and stored in the garages. No trash or garbage shall be kept or stored on the patios or balconies or placed outside of the front door of a Unit or in the breezeway of any building for any period of time. Please remember to only use your Units trash container. SPECIAL PICKUP OF LARGE ITEMS may be arranged by calling the City of Wilmington at 341-7875.


    • Cigarette Butts. All cigarette butts must be disposed of properly. Please do not leave any cigarette butts in or around the Common Areas and or Limited Common Areas. This includes dropping butts off of terraces/patios


  1. Animals


    • Pets and Animals. Pets and animals may be kept on the property and are subject to the following Rules and Regulations:


  • All pets and other animals are prohibited from the property except small household pets consisting of dogs, cats, fish, and birds. Dogs and cats must be kept inside a unit or on a leash while being exercised. Bird cages may not be stored permanently on terraces/patios.


  • Any pet must not pose a risk to the health, safety or welfare of persons or diminish the reasonable use or enjoyment of the property. This requires that owners clean up after their animals immediately. Doggie stations provide plastic bags and receptacles for this purpose. An owner not complying with this rule will be subject to fines.


  • Any pet allowed under these Rules, which exhibits nuisance behavior, such as excessive barking, or aggressiveness, may be prohibited by the Board after notice to the Unit Owner. The Unit Owner shall have an opportunity to appeal the decision to the Board and to be heard by the Board in a hearing called for such purpose under the procedures provided for in the Declaration.


  • Unit Owners must not allow their pets to run free. All pets must be properly leashed and escorted at all times when outside the units (including cats). Animals are not allowed in the elevators.


  • Bird feeders are not permitted on the terraces, patios, walkways, balconies, parking areas, retention ponds, or any other Common Element or Limited Common Elements.


  1. Windows


    • Window Coverings. No curtains, draperies or blinds shall be installed or hung in any window of any Unit unless they have a white or neutral lining or backing on the side exposed to the window. No other colors may be used unless approved by the Board of Directors prior to installation. No storm windows shall be installed in any Unit. No stickers or decals may be affixed to the windows in any Unit or elsewhere on the exterior of a Unit, except security system or fire decals which may be affixed to windows.


  1. Signs


    • Signs. No signs or other advertising devices, including without limitation For Sale and For Rent signs, shall be displayed on or about the exterior of any Unit, or in the Common Elements.


  1. Terraces/Patios/Front Doors


o   Terraces/Patios must be kept neat, clean and free of trash at all times.


o   All furniture placed on terraces/patios, must be outdoor furniture in good repair. Each owner is responsible for removing any furniture, plants, etc. located on their terrace/patio during hurricane threats. If the items are not removed, the repair of any damage done to the Condominium property or the property of other Unit Owners, due to the items, will be the responsibility of the Unit Owner.


o   Seasonal home dcor of a temporary nature (such as a wreath on an over the door hanger for the front door, garland for the patio/balcony railing) is permitted. No holes can be put in the front door hangers over the door must be used. These items should be removed following the seasonal event.


o   Terraces/patios may be personalized. Items must be removable (incase of inclement weather) and MUST be kept within the railings. Items CANNOT overhang or go beyond the terrace and patio railings. Exterior walls and ceilings cannot be penetrated.


o   Unit front doorways may be personalized (e.g., potted plants and doormats). Items MUST be removable (incase of inclement weather or emergencies) and CANNOT block walkways/doorways/stairwells.


o   Storage of bicycles, overnight storage of garbage or drying of laundry is prohibited on terraces/patios.


o   No pets are allowed on the terraces/patios without their Owners or another person present at all times. Do not allow pets to defecate on the terraces/patios. Should your pet have an accident, please clean up after your pet immediately. Never sweep feces or hair over the side of the terraces/patios onto the common areas.


  1. Mayfaire Identification Key Fobs and Use of the Amenities


    • All Unit Owners will be provided with 2 key fobs that will allow them, their guests, or renters to use the amenities of The Village at Mayfaire. The amenities include: the clubhouse, theatre, tennis courts, fitness center, pool/spa and car wash. Please refer to the specific use requirements and restrictions set forth in the individual rules documents for each amenity.


  1. Rental Units


    • Renters. The tenant accepts and agrees to abide by the Declaration and these Rules and Regulations. Renters/lessees MUST sign the required form indicating receipt of a copy of the Rules and Regulations. This must be turned in to HOA Management Company along with a copy of the lease agreement. The use of the amenities is limited to the renter only. Unit owners will not be permitted to use the amenities while their unit is rented.


    • Leases. Unit Owners may not lease their unit for a period shorter than six (6) months. Unit owners must notify the Facility Manager prior to move in and move out of a rental unit so that the Facility Manager may properly prepare any common elements (e.g., protect the elevators). Unit owners are responsible for protection of all common elements and a fee will be imposed should any damage occur while people are moving in and out of a unit. Unit Owners who lease or rent their units shall have a written rental or lease agreement, which shall include a form signed by the lessee attesting to the following provisions:


I, ________________________, have read, understand, and agree to abide by the Bylaws, Declarations, Rules and Regulations of the Village at Mayfaire. By taking possession of the property, the undersigned Tenant/Guest, and all occupants of the property accompanying him/her, agree to abide by the Condominium Declaration and the Rules and Regulations and agree to be subject to the enforcement of the same by the Association during the period of occupancy of the property.


Each time a change in occupancy or tenancy occurs; Unit Owners MUST provide the HOA Management Company with a copy of the signed rental agreement within 5 business days of the lease date. This requirement is enforceable according to the procedures governing warnings and fines. The HOA Management Company will verify from time to time that it has a current rental agreement in its possession.


  1. Enforcement


o   General. The violation by any Unit Owner, his/her guests or tenants, of these Rules and Regulations shall entitle the Association to impose fines, pursue injunctive relief or any other remedy permitted by the Declaration or the laws of the State of North Carolina.


o   Enforcement/Sanctions. The Board or such other Association agent with the Board's approval (e.g., the HOA Management Company), may impose sanctions for violations after notice and a hearing in accordance with the procedures set forth below. Such sanctions may include, without limitation:


(a) Imposing reasonable monetary fines which shall constitute a lien upon the Unit of the violator;


(b) Suspending an Owner's right to vote;


(c) Suspending any Person's right to use any facilities within the Common Elements; provided, however, nothing herein shall authorize the Board to limit ingress or egress to or from the Unit; and


(d) Suspending any services provided by the Association to an Owner or the Owner's Unit if the Owner is more than thirty (30) days delinquent in paying any assessment or other charge owed to the Association.


    • Hearing Procedures. Except as may be otherwise specifically authorized by the Association Documents, and permitted by the Association Documents, the Board shall not (i) impose a fine or penalty, (ii) undertake permitted remedial action, or (iii) suspend voting or infringe upon other rights of a Member or other occupant of a Lot or Unit for violations of the Association Documents, or for assessments or other amounts due and owing to the Association remaining unpaid for a period of thirty (30) days, or longer, unless and until the following procedure is completed:


(a) Notice. The Board, or an adjudicatory panel appointed by the Board, shall serve the Responsible Person. The "Responsible Person" shall be any Member, Owner, or occupant of a Lot or Unit with a written notice of a hearing to be held by the Board of the Association in executive session or an adjudicatory panel appointed by the Board; provided, however, any adjudicatory panel appointed by the Board shall be composed of members of the Association who are not officers of the Association or members of the Board. The notice shall contain: (i) the nature of the alleged violation; (ii) the time and place of the hearing, which shall not be less than ten (10) days from the giving of the notice; (iii) an invitation to attend the meeting and produce any statement, evidence and witness on his or her behalf; and (iv) the proposed sanction to be imposed. The notice prescribed herein may be served by mailing a copy of said notice to the alleged violator by placing said notice in the United States mail, postage prepaid, by any method as permitted for the service of summons as set forth in Rule 4 of the North Carolina Rules of Civil Procedure or by the delivery of said notice by an officer, director or agent of the Association to the Responsible Person or to any person who may be served on the Responsible Person's behalf as provided in said Rule 4.


(b) Hearing. The hearing shall be held in executive session of the Board or an adjudicatory panel appointed by the Board pursuant to the notice affording the member a reasonable opportunity to be heard. Any adjudicatory panel appointed by the Board shall be composed of Members who are not officers of the Association or members of the Board. Prior to the effectiveness of any sanction hereunder, proof of notice and the invitation to be heard shall be placed in the minutes of the meeting. Such proof shall be deemed adequate if a copy of the notice, together with a statement of the date and manner of delivery, is entered by the officer, director, or agent who delivered such notice. The notice requirement shall be deemed satisfied if the Responsible Person appears at the meeting. The minutes of the meeting shall contain a written statement of the results of the hearing and the sanction, if any, imposed. In addition, a written statement of the results of the hearing and the sanction, if any, imposed shall be mailed by the United States mail, postage prepaid, by the Association to the violator.


(c) Appeal. If the hearing is held before an adjudicatory panel, following such hearing and notice of a decision adverse to the violator, the Responsible Person shall have the right to appeal the decision to the Board. To perfect this right, a written notice of appeal must be received by the managing agent of the Association, President or Secretary of the Association within fifteen (15) days after the date of the decision, said written notice to contain information by which the Board may notify the Responsible Person of the date of the appeal hearing. If no adjudicatory panel is appointed by the Board, no right of appeal shall exist.


(d) Sanction as Assessment. Pursuant to the provisions of this Section, a fine may be imposed by the Association is an amount not exceeding One Hundred and No/100 Dollars ($100.00) (or any greater amount as may be provided otherwise by law or the Act) per violation of the Association Documents and without further hearing, for each day more than five (5) days after the decision to impose such fine that the violation occurs. Any such fine shall be an assessment as set forth in this Declaration and the Act. If it is decided pursuant to the provisions of this Section that a suspension of privileges or services should be imposed, the suspension may be continued without further hearing until the violation or delinquency is cured.